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COVER STORY: TMT-TV with Rich O'Toole
Rich O'TooleAfter three top 10 singles from his first record, Seventeen, Rich O'Toole seems very well positioned to have a blow out year in 2008. His tour schedule continues to be full and he is headlining more shows. Soon he will be heading back into the studio for his second studio project and anticipation is building with his fans over the new record. He is one of the best songwriters in the scene and never disappoints with his live performance. His band is tight and there seems to be nothing stopping the O'Toole express. Check out our TMT-TV interview with Rich O'Toole. more >
Maren MorrisTo say that the past couple of years have brought of big change in the life of young Maren Morris would be completely understating reality. She released her current record All That It Takes under the Smith Music distribution and promotion label and saw her first single rise to the top 5 of the charts. Morris's accomplishments are even more astounding considering that she is still a teenager. All That It Takes was released when she was just 17. more >
CD REVIEW: Paula Nelson - Lucky 13
Paula Nelson - Lucky 13 She may have a famous name and famous father but Paula Nelson’s music and voice stands tall on its own. If anyone had any doubt, her new project Lucky 13 will soothe the most hardened of music critics. Let’s face it, sometimes talent is in the genes, and Paula has obviously gotten a good amount of whom and what her father is musically. However, she is not Willie light or really even Willie-ish. She has her own style and is different. more >
CD REVIEW: Plumtucker - Solo Stages
Plumtucker - Solo Stages There are two very well defined musical experiences that cause me to weep: John Lennon singing "Imagine" and Warren Zevon singing "Knocking on Heaven's Door." Those tears are shed as much for the sense of loss of musical giants too-soon-taken, as for the beauty of the performances. I am now, however, prepared to add a third musical event that moves me to mistiness: Plumtucker's David Lutes singing anything. more >
CD REVIEW: Austin Collins - Roses Are Black
Austin Collins - Roses are BlackThe man with one of the most distinctive and unique voices in all of Americana music has truly taken his art to the next level with his new release Roses are Black. Austin Collins has proven on this sophomore record that he is one of the most talented songwriters and performers in Texas and Americana music. The record is, in a word … fantastic. It is not just Collins' voice that brings the project to the front of the pack, but the production and arrangements as well. more >
CD REVIEW: Zane Lewis - Zane Lewis
Zane Lewis - Zane LewisZane Lewis' self-titled new project is pure unadulterated country music fun. The sophomore release for the Texas music chart standout (his first national level release) is a fantastic country record. Zane Lewis has all the mainstream Nashville or L.A. production value. It is not a gritty Americana style record, but a well produced and styled for country radio project that is on par with any of the mainstream major label projects. more >
CD REVIEW: Bart Crow Band - Desperate Hearts
Bart Crow Band - Desperate HeartsThe Bart Crow Band’s sophomore release is packed with great songs that are sure to bring a smile to enthusiastic fans. The CD contains 12 new tracks and a remake of “Driftin’ in the Wind” with harmonies added by Fallon Franklin. Desperate Hearts is the follow up record to the extremely successful Finally..., which contains the Texas and Red Dirt mega-hit “Wear My Ring." more >
CD REVIEW: Jimmy Baldwin - The Cowboy and the Mermaid
Jimmy Baldwin - The Cowboy and the MermaidAmericana music standout Jimmy Baldwin has done it again with his newest release The Cowboy and the Mermaid. Baldwin is a national treasure of a songwriter. Cowboy and the Mermaid contains 11 delightful Baldwin songs that are fun and mature. It is a listening record for true music listeners. However, there are some toe tappers on the CD with the highlight being the title track. more >
CD REVIEWS: Texas Music Times CD Firepower!
TMT Firepower - CD ReviewsWe receive so many CDs for review that it's impossible to tell you about them all. But there are some CDs we don't get to write full reviews on that you really should know more about. That's why we stared up our new feature, Texas Music Times CD Firepower! We'll write a couple of lines about a CD and give it a rating of one to six bullets in our six-shooter. Check this feature out every month for more music you need to hear. more >
The TMT BLOG — Intoxication by Alternative Sound
OpinionCanned music always has a nice, clean, studio quality to it. No distortion. No scrappy notes. No unfamiliar and wild instrumentals. It leaves no listener mumbling through the lines silently thinking, “I have no idea what this guy is saying.” It is, in a word, safe. It can make sense on a business and even social level, but personally I prefer something a little messier. A little more creative. A little more ‘outside the box.’ more >
Oklahoma's Best Kept Secret: Wednesdays with Cooper and Shaw
Johnny CooperMark your calendars now. On the last Wednesday of every month, you have plans! The Wormy Dog Saloon in Oklahoma City has revived their acoustic Wednesday nights, and numerous singers/songwriters have brought their unplugged shows to town. But, the only show that has a recurrent spot on the Dog's schedule is the unparalleled duo of Johnny Cooper and Cody Shaw. To see them perform acoustically is simply nothing short of awe-inspiring! more >
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