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by Keith Howerton

Maren MorrisTo say that the past couple of years have brought of big change in the life of young Maren Morris would be completely understating reality. She released her current record All That It Takes under the Smith Music distribution and promotion label and saw her first single rise to the top 5 of the charts.

All of Morris's accomplishments are even more astounding considering that she is still a teenager. All That It Takes was released when she was just 17. Morris has a voice that is reminiscent of Norah Jones, but her style of music is more up beat. She blends pop, rock, country, blues, and jazz effortlessly into her own style. All That It Takes has songs that fit into all of those styles on the same record. It is impossible to listen to Morris and not be completely engaged by the beauty of her voice. She truly is a singer of rare and unique talent. She also is not just another “Teen Pop” singer that will be here today and gone tomorrow. Her voice, style, and sophistication of songwriting and maturity of performing will assure that she will be making music for years to come. Maren Morris is the real deal and is worth watching and listening to as she matures. It will be fun to say, “I knew her when….”

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