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Zane Lewis - Zane Lewis

by Keith Howerton

Zane Lewis - Zane LewisZane Lewis' self-titled new project is pure unadulterated country music fun. The sophomore release for the Texas music chart standout (his first national level release) is a fantastic country record.

Produced by Lex Lipsitz (Carter Falco) and Brett James, Zane Lewis has all the mainstream Nashville or L.A. production value. It is not a gritty Americana style record but a well produced and styled for country radio project that is on par with any of the mainstream major label projects. Normally, I would not be a big fan of this style of record. As many of my readers know, I am an Americana fan and am often critical of the mainstream. However, Zane Lewis a guilty pleasure. He has a mainstream sound but is what mainstream country music should be with real lyrics and real songs that are not written for divorced suburban women between the ages of 25 and 40. His songs rock and he delivers them as well as any country performer ever has. Lewis energy comes out in every verse and chorus. Even Lewis’ ballads are songs that all country music fans can enjoy including a cynical guy like me.

Lewis co-wrote two of the tracks on Zane Lewis and picked the other songs. He has a skill for finding songs that fit him and his style of what he wants to say on a record. The CD contains 12 songs that are a great blend of rockers and ballads arranged and sequenced in perfect order. Notable tracks include, “Welcome to the Southland”, “She’s Got it Going On”, “Everything I Want”, “Fly”, “Becky Brown’s Daddy”, and “Bad Ass Country Band”.

Many artists record songs in a certain way that works for a CD and have to change the songs for live performances. Zane Lewis is a record that gives a great glimpse into the live performance of Zane himself. Even though the record is a studio recording, the songs are performed with the soul and energy that give the listener the idea of how they would be live. It is a difficult goal to attain in a CD and most CDs don’t get there. However, Zane Lewis accomplishes the task with perfection. Listeners of the record will find themselves looking for a Zane Lewis show in their area soon after spinning the CD. It is a credit to the entire team that made the record.

Zane Lewis is a great country record that will bring a smile to any fan. It is bound to be a huge radio success for Zane that will take him to another level.

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