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COVER STORY: “God Bless This Town” in Every Town Across Texas
Wade BowenThe past two years have been a rocket ride for Wade Bowen and his band. Since the 2006 release of his first project with Sustain Records, Lost Hotel, Wade has become a mainstay of Texas and Red Dirt music. His tour schedule is completely full to the point that he turns away as many gigs as he accepts and he continues to play the largest venues and festivals in Texas and the region. The majority of his club shows are sold out as fans just can’t seem to get enough of Wade Bowen. more >
At Home on the Road: Ryan James
Ryan JamesEver felt homesick? Sounds strange, but many folks would rather have a headache or even a cold before experiencing that sensation that appears when reminded of the place that feels most comfortable.  Why? Unfortunately, longing for the familiarity of home never really disappears, but tends to linger in the heart, just gnawing away. Aspirin doesn’t dull the ache, and antibiotics are ineffective. So what’s the guaranteed cure? Simple. Go home. more >
Aaron TiltAaron Tilt’s Bonnie Blue Skye comprises twelve original tunes that overlay artful storytelling with unique instrumentals. When I first popped the CD in, bagpipes wailed through my speakers as an introduction to the first song. I was an instant fan — even more so when I saw that Tilt was credited with playing everything from guitar, to percussion, to those great highland bagpipes, and everything in between. more >
AUDIO INTERVIEW: Josh Grider - Million Miles to Go
Josh GriderAustin-based singer and songwriter has done it again by delivering to real fans of sincere Texas music a CD that is as much about Josh growing as an artist as it is about the songs and his songwriting. Million Miles to Go is a softer CD than his self titled debut project. The first CD was designed for Texas country radio and it had some success with two singles reaching the top 20 on the Texas Music Chart. more >
AUDIO INTERVIEW: Cross Canadian Ragweed - Mission California
Cross Canadian Ragweed - Mission CaliforniaFor those who thought that with the release of their 2005 album, Garage, had the boys of Cross Canadian Ragweed at the top of their game, they now have another project to create much debate with the throngs of Ragweed fans.  The latest release, Mission California, is a searing mix of lyrics, soul, and kickin’ rock ‘n’roll that come together to make the record a true blend of raw, authentic Cross Canadian Ragweed, that is by far the band’s best effort yet. more >
No Justice: On a Roll
No JusticeWhile I was recently driving past the Stillwater city limit sign, a song by one of the town’s most beloved local Red Dirt bands, No Justice, came on the radio. It was their latest single, “Never Come Back,” and it seemed like an appropriate way to start off the day. In fact, it would prove to be the very song they’d kick off their show with later that very same evening. more >
OPINION: Why Do They Throw Beer Cans?
OpinionNot too long ago, I found myself bearing witness to a scene that, though increasingly rare in my experience, has always befuddled me. Before I reveal the source of my continued confusion, allow me to paint a picture: Large-scale, multi-artist, outdoor event. Thousands of bodies staking claim to almost any piece of friendly grass. They lay crashed out on the ground, sitting huddled around small fire pits, and standing in a growing crowd near the stage. more >
New Releases from Jimmy LaFave and Larry Joe Taylor
Larry Joe Taylor - TimesJimmy LaFave - Cimarron ManifestoI usually review albums by up-and-coming artists. That’s a blast, because being one of the first people to hear a great record by an unknown band, and then to play a part in helping others discover the music of artists like Rich O’Toole and Stephanie Briggs is a really cool thing. In fact, that’s a big part of why I do what I do. more >
Kevin Fowler - Bring It On
Kevin Fowler - Bring It OnWhat can you say about Kevin Fowler? He has done it again and even better with his latest release Bring it On. The project is a maturation for Kevin that brings his form of rowdy country to another level. From the haunting civil war style cadence of the first single, “Long Line of Losers,” to the rocking soon to be party favorites “Feels Good Don’t It” and "Bring it On," Fowler delivers a fun record that will have everyone who hears it toe tapping and wearing a smile. more >
Adam Hood – Different Grove
Adam Hood - Different GrooveAlthough Different Groove is Adam Hood’s third project, in many ways the record is a freshman project from a guy who has been making waves in Texas, Oklahoma, and the Americana world for a couple of years after starting his musical career in early 2001 in Alabama, where he still remains very popular. His songwriting has garnered a cult following of fans from across the South and the world to the extent that most observers would believe his has 6 or 7 records to his credit. more >
Keith Davis - Answered Prayer
Keith Davis - Answered PrayerThere are newbies on the Texas Music scene and there are veteran journeymen. Rarely an artist comes along and is both at the same time. Keith Davis is one of those artists. His new project titled Answered Prayer is Keith’s sophomore project after his critically acclaimed first record titled Sideman Blues. While Sideman is a decent project in its own right, the title reflects the reality of the record. more >
Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros - Diamonds in the Sun
Walt Wilkins - Diamonds in the SunThe first noticeable and delightful aspect of the new Walt Wilkins record Diamonds in the Sun is that it is not really just a Walt Wilkins record. It is a Mystiqueros record. The buzz for over a year has been about how good the Mystiqueros truly are. Everyone who has viewed the band live can testify to the obvious conclusion that they are one of the best and most entertaining bands on tour. Diamonds in the Sun is the CD confirmation of what all those fans already knew. more >
Jason Eady and the Wayward Apostles - Wild Eyed Serenade
Jason Eady and the Wayward Apostles - Wild Eyed SerenadeJason Eady’s latest release, Wild Eyed Serenade, is a breath of fresh air in the somewhat stale atmosphere of my usual musical fare, Texas Country music. I really liked Eady's first project, From Underneath the Old, so I was confident that he would deliver a solid record this time, too. I was expecting more of the same when I popped Serenade into my CD player, but, much to my delight, my ears were greeted not with country music, but, rather, with a solid dose of good ol’ Americana. more >
Mark McKinney - Get It On
Mark McKinney - Get It OnFirst, think of a song that is, well, about nothing, except everyday experiences. Then, mix in a tune that is about everything. Is it possible for these two types of songs to be combined into one hit? Now, get prepared to turn it up Super Loud! Singer/songwriter Mark McKinney answers the aforementioned question with his inaugural CD, Get It On. more >
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