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Keith Davis - Answered Prayer

by Steven Baxter
Keith Davis - Answered Prayer(Oct 2007) There are newbies on the Texas Music scene and there are veteran journeymen. Rarely an artist comes along who is both at the same time. Keith Davis is one of those artists. His new project titled Answered Prayer is Keith’s sophomore project after his critically acclaimed first record titled Sideman Blues. While Sideman is a decent project in its own right, the title reflects reality: Keith cut that record and self produced it while playing as a sideman lead guitarist for other major Texas touring acts. The technical aspects of “Sideman Blues” are not the standard that they could be. However, the songwriting, style, and intensity of the project foreshadowed an artist who on his own is destined to be a major force in Texas and Red Dirt music.

Answered Prayer is the first installment in that tour de force called the Keith Davis Band. Technically the project is perfect. Produced and mixed by four-time Grammy nominated Mack Damon, and mastered by Grammy Award winner Greg Calbi (John Mayer’s mastering engineer), Answered Prayer delivers the much anticipated nine news songs to the Davis faithful with “Leave Tonight” and "Before There Was You" being the only songs renewed from Sideman Blues.

Davis is now solidly in the role of front man with his own band on tour supporting the new project. It is a new role for him after almost a decade as a top shelf lead guitarist. The record’s first single, “Make It Up to You,” has already proved a chart topper with Texas radio and thousands of new fans. Other significant and notable tracks are “Leave Tonight,” “Just Let Me Drive,” “Straight to Her Heart,” and “Angle at Home.” The entire project is a wonderful blend of Davis’ country blues style that highlights his significant guitar skills.

With the exception of help from Texas guitar standout Geoff Hill of the Randy Rogers Band on “Leave Tonight,” Davis tracked all the guitar parts himself with several different guitars giving a variety of tones that blend smoothly somewhere between the rock, country, and blues triumvirate of genres. His guitar work on the record is reminiscent of early Eric Clapton, where the slow-hand blues style was his trademark.

Other notable musicians who appear on the record are Cody Banks (Honeybrowne) with some drum tracks, and Texas legend Bobby Flores on the peddle steel.

Answered Prayer is a record of distinction with solid songwriting, production, and musical performance. It sets Davis far above his peers and places him firmly with the top performers in the genre. It truly is an answered prayer not just for Keith, but also for thousands of Texas music fans. The record is a must hear.

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