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Mark McKinney - Get It On

by Mark Elswick
Mark McKinney - Get It On(Oct 2007) First, think of a song that is, well, about nothing, except everyday experiences. Then, mix in a tune that is about everything. Is it possible for these two types of songs to be combined into one hit? Now, get prepared to turn it up Super Loud!

Singer/songwriter Mark McKinney answers the aforementioned question with his inaugural CD, Get It On. Impressively, his first solo effort has numerous songs that are about just that — life. After all, everything + nothing = everyday life. Throughout the 13-song disc, the Big Spring, Texas, native mixes his country-rock voice with lyrics which you — yes you, the TMT reader — can easily relate to.

In addition to his powerful singing, the enthusiastic entertainer penned all 13 tracks. Furthermore, McKinney also plays a mean acoustic guitar and harmonica on the CD.

McKinney’s debut single, “Comfortable In This Skin,” has been prowling about the Texas Music Charts. Though his first single release is definitely a chart-worthy hit, this Super Loud Music production is far from a one-hit wonder disc. For Example, McKinney exhibits his soft side in the love-interpreted tunes “Fall,” “Addicted,” and “Are We Doing This.” In addition, he proudly pipes songs about the regular man’s life in his first single, “Stomping Ground,” and “Story of My Life.” Also, he even mixes in a few songs about the pains that love can bring with the powerful efforts of “Bonfire,” “Reckless in Texas,” and “Deal Breaker.”

Now, turn it up more!

Perhaps the best, not to mention most hilarious song on the disc is the popular “The Myspace Song.” McKinney playfully pokes fun at fictitious members of the site’s numerous guests. The song is completely in jest, and anyone who knows anything about will get a laugh from the song—yes, even Tom. In fact, if not for his myspace site,, this writer would not have become such a huge McKinney fan.

Obviously, Get It On is jam packed with a powerful variety of vocals and music, boasting lyrics to match. Growing up a fan of country and some rock-and-roll music, it is not surprising that a touch of rock can be heard in many of this talented performer’s singles. His passionate voice blends both genres very well.

Chances are that after listening to the entire CD, you will start the disc over, and over, and over—I know I did. Granted, there are a few favorites on the disc that stand out from the others. However, whereas most discs give a listener two to five “good” songs if the CD purchaser is lucky, Get It On should provide tremendous listening pleasure on at least ten of the tracks.

Now, whatever you do, remember that Get It On is best enjoyed Super Loud.

So, turn it up, kick back, and let the good times roll.

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