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Kevin Fowler - Bring It On

by Keith Howerton
Kevin Fowler - Bring It On(Oct 2007) What can anyone say about Kevin Fowler? He has done it again and even better with his latest release Bring it On. The project is a maturation for Kevin that brings his form of rowdy country to another level. From the haunting civil war style cadence of the first single titled “Long Line of Losers,” to the rocking soon to be party favorites of “Feels Good Don’t It,” and the title track "Bring it On," Fowler delivers a fun record that will have everyone who hears it toe tapping and wearing a smile.

For hard-core Fowler fans, the record will not disappoint. He gives them what they want in rocking party songs that are clever and witty. It is a Fowler trademark to write and find songs that keep the party going and listeners smiling. However, this project expands on the Fowler fun theme with some really cool country tunes.

“Ain’t Dead Yet” is a tasteful tongue and cheek look at the modern day politically correct daily news about the contemporary American redneck lifestyle. “Now You're Talking” is another track that highlights what is a sincere good time as compared to the artificial “good times” that people pretend to have. “What’s Your Point” and “Cheaper to Keep Her” are tunes that every hard working married or relationship committed man can understand.

Kevin gets as serious as possible for his brand of good time feel good tunes with “Best Mistake I Ever Made.” Like “Long Line of Losers,” the song is about life, decisions, and why things turn out to be both good and bad at the same time. With great skill, Kevin delivers serious subjects in both songs in a serious and fun way at the same time. It is a talent that many songwriters and performers would do anything for to be able to pull off successfully. Kevin does it with ease.

Kevin Fowler is one of the top performers and entertainers who has ever graced a stage. It is not the complexity of his music that earns him that distinction but the simplicity. Where most performers work to become more complex as they grow and develop, Fowler moves on a different path. He keeps it simple, real, and real darn good. He is the master of the good time in music. No need to be to complex or serious and he reminds everyone that it is all right to just have fun from time to time. Bring It On delivers a ton of Fowler fun and is a must hear and have for anyone serious about good time country music.

Very well done!!!

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