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Josh Grider - Million Miles to Go

by Keith Howerton
Play the TMT Radio interview from Sept 2007.

Josh Grider(Oct 2007) Austin-based singer and songwriter has done it again by delivering to real fans of sincere Texas music a CD that is as much about Josh growing as an artist as it is about the songs and his songwriting. Million Miles to Go is a softer CD than his self titled debut project. The first CD was designed for Texas country radio and it had some success with two singles reaching the top 20 on the Texas Music Chart. However, the radio success of the first record never really translated to commercial success for the band on tour. His four-piece band at the time was very likely one of the best bands in a music sense in Texas. In fact they were likely too complex in a musical way for the average bar and club crowd that pay the way for live Texas music.

Josh Grider - Million Miles to GoMost fans want simple party songs and bands who deliver anything that is more complex or sophisticated tend to not get noticed by anyone but the musically adept, and that percentage is not enough to sustain the bookings. Toward the end of the CD cycle of Josh’s first record the band made a transition and some of the members moved on to different career paths. His bass player (Seth Allen) joined the Marines and is proudly serving his country in Iraq, and the lead guitarist (Chris Farrow) is playing with Micky and the Motorcars. Undeterred with the changes and the realities of the music business Josh kept touring with his acoustic guitar doing solo gigs, finished the current project in the spring of 2007, and released the record in late summer.

Million Miles to Go is a decidedly softer project than Josh’s first record and is a move toward an Americana style of songwriting and performing than one based on a Texas country rock style. The influence of Americana standard-bearer Walt Wilkins and his band The Mystequeros can be heard all over the record. There is a good reason for that. Walt produced the record and brought in his band for much of the studio work.

Whatever anyone wants to call it, Million Miles to Go is a fantastic project by one of the most talented artists in Texas. The songs are record with a real emphasis on the songs and the vocals, and that is a rare blessing as Josh’s voice is something that should be profiled and highlighted. The record has a vibe that is a reflection of Josh’s personality with a certain snap indicative of a guy who is comfortable with who and what he is.

“Stumbling on the Edge of Greatness” is a decidedly snappy track with great rhythm and beautiful harmony vocals added by Josh’s wife Kristi. “Crazy Like You” is the song that Josh is currently supporting with radio. The song features The Mystiqueros as the band. “Poorer Days” is likely the best track on the CD with a great chorus and lyrics and a fun beat. Another notable track is “Travis Blues.” The song is a personal letter to a friend serving in Iraq. It is a moving song about two friends.

Million Miles to Go is a very mature record for a guy who is growing in his talent and his view of the craziness of the music business. Josh’s deep voice comes out on every song. The listener is even treated a duet with Kristi on “Hand to Hold.” Old Josh Grider Band fans will enjoy this CD, and new fans are bound to come on board. Josh is to be congratulated on making a record for himself that is true to what music should be all about.

Josh’s current touring band is a three-piece that is hitting the road hard in support of the new record. For more information and tour schedule check out

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