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TMT Indie Artist of the Month - AARON TILT
by Rachel Taylor
Aaron Tilt(Oct 2007) Aaron Tilt’s Bonnie Blue Skye comprises twelve original tunes that overlay artful storytelling with truly unique instrumentals.

When I first popped the CD in, bagpipes wailed through my speakers as an introduction to the first song. I was an instant fan — even more so when I opened up the album jacket to see that Tilt was credited with playing everything from guitar, to percussion, to those great highland bagpipes, and everything in between.

Most of the songs run a clean and well timed banjo line which lend credibility to the tales and aptly lead right into the thought provoking and largely historically based storytelling.

Tilt proves himself a storyteller with tunes such as “Dustbowl Savior” and “Company Town” that detail life’s hardships when up against nature, economics, and the man. The combination of instrumental selection and something in Tilt’s voice evoke an authenticity in the presentation of the tales.

Much of Tilt’s music carries a very spiritual and reflective thread. The songs are personal without being pious. The lyrics appeal to those of us who have said our sincerest of prayers over dirty hands.

Aaron Tilt - Bonnie Blue Skye“Throne of the King” was and instant standout which even today makes me replay the song an average of four times before I can move onto the next track. The song opens acapella with a tune as haunting as it is unexpected.

Bonnie Blue Skye is, simply enough, something different. The album is full of spirit and details a series of descriptive and emotional experiences and I look forward to hearing a little more out of Tilt. Check him out for yourself at and at

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