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COVER STORY: Video Interview with Adam Hood
Adam HoodThere are artists in music that seem to be destined for something special. Adam Hood is one of those guys. He is a troubadour of rare talent. In the past couple of years the Alabama native has won over crowds and throngs of fans in the Lonestar state for his unique brand of funky and beat driven Americana music. Adam Hood is here to stay and will be a force for greatness in Texas music for the foreseeable future. Enjoy our cover story interview -- the first edition of TMT-TV, with Adam and his video “22 Days Too Long” right here. more >
INDIE ARTIST OF THE MONTH: The Captain Legendary Band
The Captain Legendary BandThere is no doubt that the Captain Legendary Band is making waves with the true hard-core fans of down home, toe tapping country rock music. The group was nominated in the 2007 Texas Music Awards Live band of the year category and continues to be one of the most requested bands at There really is something about these guys that crawls into the soul and brings any listener deep into the bayou. more >
Stoney Larue: Happiness is a Warm Harley
Stoney LarueIt’s Friday afternoon, and from the sound of his voice over the phone line, it’s obvious that Stoney Larue is one happy boy.  Relaxing on his tour bus that’s currently headed for a show that evening at Schroeder Hall outside of Goliad, Texas, he enjoys a favorite soda and a pecan praline purchased moments before at an interstate convenience store.  Hey, life on the road is even better when you’ve got afternoon comfort snacks. more >
A Night with Jordan Mycoskie
Jordan MycoskieA guy walks into a bar… While being the opening line to many colorful jokes, this particular line is the reason Fort Worth-based artist Jordan Mycoskie is a songwriter.  The 26-year-old musician had a regular gig in the Fort Worth Stockyards when a man came in with an extraordinary claim. What followed was arguably Mycoskie’s best known song – "The Son of Johnny Horton." But the saga of the Southern Methodist University grad starts where much of his career began – The legendary White Elephant Saloon. more >
Keeping Time With Drummer Michael Fitch
Michael FitchMichael Fitch is an energetic and well-known drummer in Texas music. Fitch boosted his fan base in previous years having performed with Oklahoma based bands, Briar Branch Road and Badwater. Now residing in Victoria, Texas, he’s the drummer for Jarrod Birmingham. His concerts and bands have taken him across North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Wisconsin, Missouri, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Texas. He recently toured Poland with Birmingham, where the band played for approximately 4,000 fans. more >
The Gougers - A Long Day For the Weathervane
The GougersThe latest installment from the group formally known as the “Sidehill Gougers,” is likely the best Americana record of 2007. At least in this music journalist's view of the Americana music world, it gets my vote. The Gougers have always been good, but this record is fantastic. It is a leap forward for a cool band that can deliver pleasure to the ears and mind. more >
Adam Fears - You Get Me
Adam FearsBefore I get into the review of Adam Fears’ You Get Me, I want to point out that Adam is originally from Texas, but he lives, writes, and records in Nashville. I mention that fact only so you can — if a connection to Music Town bothers you — get over it. This record is firmly rooted in Texan soil. To know this, all you have to do is look at the liner notes. In true Texas/Red Dirt form, all the songs were written or cowritten by Fears. more >
The TMT BLOG — Opinion by Mark Elswick
OpinionINTRODUCING OUR NEW TMT BLOG! Opinion pieces by guest bloggers will be published here each month so you can read and join in the discussion. Give us your thoughts on our thoughts. more >
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