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Keeping Time With Drummer Michael Fitch
by, Jennifer Rainey; photo by Steve Circeo
(November 2007)

Michael Fitch is an energetic and well-known drummer in Texas music. Fitch boosted his fan base in previous years having performed with Oklahoma based bands, Briar Branch Road and Badwater. Now residing in Victoria, Texas, he’s the drummer for Jarrod Birmingham.

His concerts and bands have taken him across North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Wisconsin, Missouri, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Texas. He recently toured Poland with Birmingham, where the band played for approximately 4,000 fans.

“The trip to Poland was one I’ll always remember. The people there were amazing and they love country music,” Fitch said. “They brought American flags and were waving them the entire time. Every face had a smile on it.”

Michael FitchIn general, Fitch said his favorite types of shows are typically festivals because of the number of people in the crowd.

“As long as the crowd is into it and the energy is there, it’s good times.”

Fitch has had the opportunity to share the stage with a variety of well-known musicians.

He said his favorite, though, was sharing it with Billy Joe Shaver.

“I had been wanting to meet him and see his show for a very long time. It was like watching your grandpa perform, you just can’t take your eyes off him,” said Fitch.

Not only have Fitch worked hard to get to where he’s at in his music career, he’s also helped pave the way for several other musicians. Having been a manager and booking agent in the past, he also taught a few regional managers and booking agents the tricks of the trade. Although he’s no longer on the business side of the industry, he said he still finds himself going through old files and looking for venues. He also keeps in contact with bands and is happy to help when other bands need advice or information.

“Hard work and determination pays off. Keep a good head and chops and things will work out for you,” Fitch said, giving advice to others in the music industry.

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