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Susan Gibson, Adam Carroll, Mark Jungers(June 2008) We met with Susan Gibson at the Garaj Mahal, or, as it's otherwise known, Mark and Joy Jungers' garage. Adam Carroll and Mark were also there as Susan discussed her new record, Old Dog, New Tricks, as well as her time with The Groobees. We couldn't ignore the fact that Susan wrote the Dixie Chicks monster hit, "Wide Open Spaces," so we talked about that, too, and she, Adam, and Mark perform a new song they all wrote together. Tune in to TMT-TV to spend quality time with Susan Gibson. more >
Mark Jungers, Adam Carroll, Susan Gibson(June 2008) We met up with Mark Jungers at his garage, a.k.a. the Garaj Mahal. Adam Carroll and Susan Gibson were there, too, and didn't mind adding their observations as Mark discussed his latest record, Silos and Smokestacks, released late last year. Mark also talked about where the inspiration comes from when he's creating an album and how difficult it is to choose which songs make the cut. Tune in to TMT-TV to see and hear what's going on inside the interesting mind of Mark Jungers. more >
Susan Gibson, Adam Carroll, Mark Jungers(June 2008) If you read the descriptions above you know where we were when we met with Adam Carroll. Adam discussed his new record, Old Town Rock N Roll, the experience of working on this album with a new producer, Canadian Scott Nolan, and how recording the album in Mark Jungers' garage helped him capture the moments and harvest the energy. He also, with help from Mark and Susan, performs a song from the new album. Tune in to TMT-TV for insight you won't find anywhere else. more >
Hans Frank(June 2008) Hans Frank was the leader of a nationally successful band, 10 City Run. But with that band now part of history, what has Hans been up to lately? Bobby Natanson is still drumming with him, and they, along with legendary guitarplayer Pete Mitchell, now call themselves either Hans Frank and the Auslanders or Glambilly. The sound is rocknrollcountry with a definite edge, and the band is on the verge of a breakout. more >
CD REVIEW: Reckless Kelly - Bulletproof
Reckless Kelly - Bulletproof (June 2008) Reckless Kelly’s long-awaited fifth studio album, Bulletproof, set to hits the shelves June 24th  and is loud and proud.  Following suit of the 2006 release Reckless Kelly Was Here, a double disc live recording CD/DVD, Bulletproof delivers and delivers hard. The band, which formed more than 11 years ago in Bend, Oregon eventually moved their base of operation to Austin, TX where they have taken an ever-growing fan base by storm.  Playing shows all over the Lone Star Sate and its surrounding areas, and more recently, the “windy city,” New York, and even Nashville, these five guys have begun what many would call a legacy that began long before they were born. more >
CD REVIEW: Eliza Gilkyson - Beautiful World
Eliza Gilkyson - Beautiful World (June 2008) Eliza Gilkyson has a well-deserved reputation in the world of folk music, but on Beautiful World she spreads her wings a bit, creating more of a Texas pop country sound. Let me emphasize right up front, though, that I don't think there's anything here that will alienate current fans. Eliza's in great voice and the songwriting is up to her usual high standard. The sound is just a bit fuller, adding some color to her often black-and-white delivery. Although it may sound trite, I can describe it with only one word: Wow! more >
CD REVIEW: Adam Carroll - Old Town Rock N Roll
Adam Carroll - Old Town Rock N Roll (June 2008) If you've attended an Adam Carroll show, you may have noticed the way he shuffles up to the stage, shyly avoiding eye contact, taking his place at the front of the audience, always seeming a bit surprised that people are actually there to listen to him. I can feel that attitude as I listen to Old Town Rock N Roll. The album is very unassuming, unmistakably humble. Bubbling beneath this lowkey attitude, though, is an energy that has not been seen before in an Adam Carroll studio record. more >
CD REVIEWS: Texas Music Times CD Firepower!
TMT Firepower - CD Reviews(June 2008) We receive so many CDs for review that it's impossible to tell you about them all, but we wanted to let you know about more of them than we can write full reviews on, so we have a monthly TMT CD Firepower article! This month features CDs by Denice Franke, Paul Thorn, Marcus Eldridge, Michael Hosty, Matt Koger, Fifty Nine South, and the John D. Hale Band. more >
12th Annual KNBT Americana Jam
92.1 FM Radio New Braunfels(June 2008) For the folks at KNBT radio in New Braunfels, Texas, and those that frequent the legendary old dance hall that holds down the main street in the historic downtown district of Gruene, Texas, a day filled with outstanding music, and a line-up which includes more than a couple of big names is not an uncommon occurrence. Such was the case on a hot Sunday afternoon in late May when KNBT 92.1 FM radio hosted the 12th Annual KNBT Americana Music Jam at one of Texas music’s hottest joints, Gruene Hall. more >
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