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Hans FrankOne thing you know even from only a casual conversation with Hans Frank: this man is comfortable in his own skin. He's happy being himself, even if that makes him less accessible to some music fans. Problem is, though, that given the big, spiked hair, the mean bass beats, and the, okay, I'll say it, sometimes weird lyrics, there are probably a lot of Hans Frank fans out there who may never know it.

You may take a look at Hans and say, "I don't get it," but the fact is, there's really not a whole lot to get. This is just well-written fringe-country music, performed by a trio of terrific musicians who, by the way, have all performed at the Grand Ole Opry. How many bands can claim that?

Here's your opportunity to check out a bit of a Hans Frank and the Auslanders live show. Tune in below, then check 'em out in person at a venue near you. Find out where by visiting

Hans Frank, Bobby Natanson, Pete Mitchell

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