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COVER STORY: TMT-Radio with Aaron Watson
Aaron Watson(Apr 2008) The recent release of Aaron Watson's fourth album is generating a lot of buzz among music industry insiders and Aaron Watson fans alike. The fifteen-song CD is already making waves on national sales charts and is flying off the shelves at local record stores. Join us this month for an exclusive TMT-Radio interview with Aaron as we talk about his life on the road, his new record, Angels and Outlaws, and what Aaron thinks the future might have in store for him. more >
Matthew Ballard(Apr 2008) Matthew Ballard’s current CD is titled Time. It is an appropriate name as it is only a matter of “time” before everyone knows about Matthew Ballard. The CD has some Texas standouts contributing to the 11 great tracks on the record. Matt Powell (Wade Bowen Band), Cindy Cashdollar (Sue Foley Band, Van Morrison, and others), and Ric Ramirez (Two Tons of Steel) contributed to the tunes behind Ballard’s poetry on the record. more >
TMT-TV: Bluebonnet Blues Festival
Bluebonnet Blues Festival(Apr 2008) Texas Music Times Editor-in-Chief Keith Howerton went up to Marble Falls, Texas, in late March to check out the Bluebonnet Blues Festival the town sponsors every year. Fortunately he took his camera, so we can treat you to sights and sounds from some of the performers, as well as a three-minute interview with the festival's founders. more >
CD REVIEW: The Mighty Orq - To The Bone
The Mighty Orq - To The Bone (Apr 2008) To be sure, The Mighty Orq's To The Bone is not a country or Americana record. It is, however, a great rock record from a band with a style that is long gone in rock and roll. If there is a current form of music being made that can be called rock and roll The Mighty Orq is making it. It is sad that mainstream radio no longer has a contemporary “rock and roll” format like the music The Mighty Orq is putting out. more >
CD REVIEW: Rodney Parker & Fifty Peso Reward: The Lonesome Dirge
Rodney Parker & Fifty Peso Reward - The Lonesome Dirge (Apr 2008) If you've ever wondered what you would get if you crossed the powerhouse persona of Bruce Springsteen with the Celtic vibe of The Waterboys and then threw in a good dollop of that je ne sais quoi we 'round 'chere just like to call "Texas," you can wonder no longer. What you'd get is a romp through a magical musical wonderland in the form of a record called Rodney Parker & Fifty Peso Reward's The Lonesome Dirge. more >
SXSW With Wylie Maercklein
Sam Baker by Wylie Maercklein(Apr 2008) Our friend Wylie Maercklein was on the hunt for the perfect photo at the 2008 SXSW Showcase Festival in Austin, Texas, last month. An accomplished photographer, Wylie got some great shots of some of our favorites, including the one to the left of Sam Baker. Check out a slideshow of some of his other shots by clicking the more link. Great job Wylie! more >
CD REVIEW: Eagles - Long Road Out Of Eden
Eagles - Long Road Out Of Eden(Apr 2008) Does this album suck or is it a great achievement in pop music? Are the Eagles only in it for the money or did they actually make a good album? Is Eden a relevant statement on the state of our times or just a way the band has found to generate cash to support their lifestyles? Keith Howerton and Steve Circeo duke it out in a point-counterpoint argument about the merits, or lack thereof, of the latest record by the Eagles. more >
An Interview with Ryan Bingham
Ryan Bingham(Apr 2008) There are some moments in life that offer sheer untouched perfection. The last glimpse of the Aztec sun as it sinks gold and shimmering behind the Mexican hills of a breathless evening in late October. The first pulls of life into the virgin lungs of a newborn calf, seen only by the morning’s dew. But for a man named Ryan Bingham, at least while gripping his six-string, that kind of perfection flows forth as melodious as the mariachis that call so many of his songs home. more >
CD REVIEWS: Texas Music Times CD Firepower!
TMT Firepower - CD Reviews(Apr 2008) We receive so many CDs for review that it's impossible to tell you about them all, but we wanted to let you know about more of them, so we have a monthly Texas Music Times CD Firepower article! This month features CDs by Gary Ritchey, Zach Tate Band, Brison Bursey Band, Stewart Mann and the Statesboro Revue, Mando Saenz, Jackson Browne, and County Road 5. more >
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