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Keith Davis Band(May 2008) Since the late-2007 release of his current record Answered Prayer, Keith Davis and his band have toured incessantly and broken down the tough doors of musical acceptance throughout Texas. Answered Prayer has already produced two top 20 singles on the regional charts and shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, the record and the band are just now beginning to hit their stride. Check out our TMT-TV cover story with the Keith Davis Band. more >
INDIE ARTIST OF THE MONTH: TMT-Radio with Darryl Lee Rush
Darryl Lee Rush(May 2008) Darryl Lee Rush’s Live from the River Road Icehouse is one of the best live records of 2007. The CD is a wonderful glimpse of a raucous and rowdy Darryl Lee show. From the great songwriting to the wonderful musicianship including some of the best harp work on any country record of any time or place, Live from the River Road Icehouse is bound to set Darryl Lee Rush well ahead of his peers. It is a crowning achievement from the Markham, Texas, native. Check out this month’s Indie Artist profile of Daryl Lee Rush on TMT-Radio. more >
TMT-Radio: Zane Lewis
Zane Lewis(May 2008) Zane Lewis is a country music phenomenon. He has a great talent for walking that fine line between mainstream country and the dirtier and grittier Texas and Red Dirt style of the genre. For most artists this would be an impossible path. But not for Zane Lewis as his new project Zane Lewis is a testament for the man from Dallas Texas. Zane Lewis is a rowdy and fun record that any country music fan could enjoy, whether from Nashville or Austin or anywhere in between. Check out our exclusive TMT-Radio interview with Zane Lewis. more >
TMT-Radio: Texas Renegade
Texas Renegade(May 2008) Tyson Carver of Texas Renegade talks with Keith Howerton about the band's latest project, After Everything, awards, and the band in general. Texas Renegade formed in 2002 and soon began playing gigs around Wimberley, a lot of high school parties and at Riley’s on the Backbone. The band members met thru mutual friends or attended public school together. Kasey Klepfer’s first guest musician spot with Texas Renegade was at WHS Project Graduation in 2003, but was soon added as a regular. more >
CD REVIEW: The Band of Heathens - The Band of Heathens
The Band of Heathens - The Band of Heathens (May 2008) The much anticipated and long awaited first studio record from The Band of Heathens is here. The self-titled project is the follow-up to the band’s first two live record releases and the DVD release earlier this year. To be sure, the first venture of Texas’ best band into the studio was well worth the wait. Produced by master ear and songwriter Ray Wylie Hubbard, with the aid of his good friend Gurf Morlix on the final master switches, and engineered by Pat Manske, The Band of Heathens is the culmination of a team effort. more >
CD REVIEW: Hans Frank and the Auslanders: Glambilly!
Hans Frank and the Auslanders - Glambilly! (May 2008) One look at his hair, which resembles the end result of a Saturday morning cartoon electrocution, tells you that if Hans Frank is part of the Texas Country Music scene, then he's definitely on the fringe. However, Frank's time as the cleancut leader of critically acclaimed country band 10 City Run firmly establishes his credibility in the genre. Well, 10 City Run was officially killed off late last year, and Frank subsequently re-emerged as the leader of The Auslanders. more >
CD REVIEWS: Texas Music Times CD Firepower!
TMT Firepower - CD Reviews(May 2008) We receive so many CDs for review that it's impossible to tell you about them all, but we wanted to let you know about more of them than we can write full reviews on, so we have a monthly TMT CD Firepower article! This month features CDs by John M. Greenberg, Devon Heath, Charliehorse, Hayes Carll, John D. Hale, Jon Justice, Zach Edwards Band, and Southern Drive. more >
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