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Jeffrey Halford and The Healers – Broken Chord

by Keith Howerton

Jerry Halford and the Healers - Broken Chord(January 2008) Jeffrey Halford is based in San Francisco but his soul is pure Texas/Americana. His newest project with his band “The Healers” is a groovy trip down “vibe” lane in a pure “tone” mobile. Broken Chord is a musician’s record that is greasy and dirty like any good slide based tunes should be. Texas music stand-out and Hall of Famer Augie Meyers plays Hammond B3  and Vox organ on the record and the magic of Augie comes through strong and true in many of the tunes but specifically in the Texas Tornadoish “Rock n Fire” and “In a Dream”. The backing rhythms in those tunes would have made Doug Sahm himself proud and Augie does a great job like he always does.

Other notable tracks on the record are the blues driven “Chicken Bones Jones,” the politically based “Ninth Ward” and “Louisiana Man,” and the rock and roll laden “Rockabilly Bride” and “Running Crazy.” However, the best track on the record is undoubtedly a slow number called “10-Minutes.” The song highlights Halford’s softer side with beautiful guitar work in several parts and the best vocals on the record. Halford’s voice is great on every track but on “10-Minutes” it is pure soul medicine.

The real delight of Broken Chord is the diversity of the record and the tunes on it. They are all different and unique in their own way. The tunes that showcase Meyers have one feel and yet others are completely Halford Blues or slow Pop melodies. It is hard to label this record and that is a good thing. In the end it has to be called Americana but it goes beyond even that all encompassing label. Broken Chord is in a category all its own and that is what makes it so good. Halford and The Healers get wide airplay on the cool radio stations all over the US including the standard bearer of XM-12 X-Country. It is a good thing to because he deserves every spin he gets.

Broken Chord is a fantastic project and we can only hope there are many more to come from Jeffrey Halford and The Healers.

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