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Jesse and Noah: The New Bellamy Brothers
by Keith Howerton; photo courtesy of Jesse and Noah Bellamy
Jesse and Noah BellamyJesse and Noah Bellamy are making their Texas debut with a new record and a fresh sound. The two brothers are the sons of David Bellamy who is the younger brother of the famous country duo “The Bellamy Brothers.” Their debut project with Fort Worth based Smith Music Group titled Nowhere Revisited was released last month with promotion in the Texas market. The record was first released digitally last year and has already enjoyed some wide radio play for a couple of the tracks. The CD contains 14 songs and the brothers are currently conducting a radio tour promoting the current single called “Wild and Willin'." Additionally, early this month the brother’s did some shows with their famous Dad and Uncle in some select Texas venues.

Jesse and Noah are not exactly new to making their own music. The brothers are both in their late twenties and first started with a band called "Elston Gunn" in Florida in the 90s. The name was derived from the credits name that Bob Dylan used on records when he would record keyboard tracks for Bobby V.

The band even had a distribution deal for a record in 2001 but was not in a position to really tour and support the record. The band was more of a four-piece rock band as opposed to the roots based country and Americana sound they currently produce. The experience and skill with music is evident in the production of the current record that was completed with a minimal number of takes on the majority of the tracks.

The brothers self-produced the current project. They cut many of the arrangements in a home studio and would send them to their dad for a listen and advice, and then ensure the band was well versed on the songs before laying down the tracks. They used most of their current touring band as players on the record as well as some talented session players in Nashville. They also were conscience to avoid “over-producing” the project to keep it real and authentic. One listen to “Nowhere Revisited” is confirmation that they did a great job of attaining their goals.

The most reveling and refreshing thing about Jesse and Noah is their humble personality and nature. Even thought they don’t hide or deny their famous name they don’t emphasize it either. They most certainly have their own identity and sound that is refreshing, and their humble attitude is bound to translate well with Texas music fans.

Although the brothers spend their time between the family ranch near Tampa Florida and Fort Worth, they plan to tour and promote the new record almost exclusively in the Texas and Red Dirt music circuit. The current band is mostly located in the Fort Worth area and that is normally their Texas’ home base. They also spend time in Nashville to write songs and network but don’t really call the city home. Their dad and uncle never really called Nashville home either except for business purposes.

Jesse and Noah Bellamy are bound to turn some heads in Texas in the coming months and years as they earn their fans one at a time. They fit the scene so perfectly with a great country rock sound and songs that resonate with everyone that hears or sees them.

They are truly nice guys who are not taking their father’s fame for granted and simply using it to push their way to the top. When they get there, and they are going to get there, it will be the old-fashioned way with great songs, superb performances, hard work, and an appreciation of the fans of their music. The Texas music circuit is lucky to have this extremely talented duo traveling the back roads and by ways. Welcome to the next generation of the “Bellamy Brothers,” they are destined to be just as great as the first. For more information check out

Welcome to Texas guys. We hope you stay a long while!!!

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